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Stubbing Out Block Arguments in RSpec
Published: 08/18/2015

RSpec's #and_yield makes testing methods that takes a block argument super easy.


Some Cool Vim Stuff I learned Today
Published: 06/01/2015

Helpful Vim Commands - Find/Replace and Formatting JSON Files


Why Ohio St. Fans were Secretly Rooting for the Michigan Harbaugh Hire
Published: 02/10/2015

Let's face it, the Ohio State / Michigan rivalry isnt what it once was. Because of that the Big Ten has suffered. The Harbough hire will reignite and reengergize the rivalry, and with it, bring back a dominant Big Ten.


Published: 01/25/2015

I give a general overview of my understanding of / experience with elasticsearch-rails, a ruby wrapper for indexing and searching data in elasticsearch.